I’ve moved on to Hexo which is essentially a static site generator catered for blogging.

The process was manually moving assets and articles over, but due to the ability of re-creating articles using Markdown, this was a breeze, and much quicker than any WYSIWYG.

The Bad

Wordpress for my scenario was completely unnecessary:

  • -Platform & plugins notification updates, pushing various subscription/paid models
  • -Constrained to a smaller viewport when writing, hinders the process
  • -Tedious formatting code
  • -Backend slow on mediocre hosting (relative to hosting static sites)
  • -Not a nice place to spent large amounts of time

Overall I feel that many blogs jump into the online db driven CMS model, but most of the time it’s taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Wordpress locks you out from the most important thing about sharing content, editorial review.

Many people, including myself host their site as a public repository on Github, enabling corrections and additional content for which both author and readers benefit via PR’s.

I would encourage anyone reading to have a look at the many SSGs out there: