Software Dev Blog

Software Dev Blog

by Ash Grennan - Software Developer based in Burnley.

About Me

I started this blog to help spread information about ideas, methods and practices in the software development field and serve as a resource for myself. I don’t have a post schedule and the topics vary rather than adhering to a strict language, process or methodology.

Things about me



I started studying ICT at Burnley College where my appetite for computers grew, whilst studying full time courses I also studied night courses to accelerate things until 2008.


I receive an letter from OFSTED stating my module results were within the top 10 in the country. I also win the Student Excellency 2005 award.


I enter an optional web design competition as part of my web design module, I won gold and came first in my county.


I travel to Milton Keynes and compete against other county winners, I win the competition and gain gold in UK Skills Challenge 2006 and win a place to compete against other countries. I’m lucky enough to also win the Student Excellency 2006 award.


I gain a part time job doing hardware and software development in a local company, I gain a training manager and spend time in Coventry with other candidates in different sectors training for the events. I decide not to go Japan.


I start helping with college classes as an assistant, teaching new students with Photoshop and Dreamweaver.


I start a full time course at Bolton University – BSc Business Software Development.


I enroll with Unite with Business, this involved meeting with local businesses and designing/implementation various websites, I partners with 4 companies until I finish my studies creating information websites and e-commerce solutions.


I graduate with distinction, receive an offer for a research role but decline to pursue a Masters degree.


I move to Sheffield and start a MSc(Eng) Advanced Software Engineering degree at The University of Sheffield.


I graduate from The University of Sheffield and I’m fortunate enough to pass with Distinction.


I move back to Burnley, I start at Basis Media as a Web Application Developer.


Won the Innovation category at RAD awards for the GAME careers site.


Started a postion at Seriun as Lead Developer